Word Play

Word Play is one of the fun word games for kids and car games for kids.

Preschoolers through teenagers will find it challenging but fun!

It sounds pretty easy, but once you start to play, you may find yourself gasping for words or staring blankly into the air trying to come up with a word you haven't used before!

Teachers who want to play this at school may want to use paper and pencil and have the kids write the words down.

It's less time consuming than having each child shout words out, and for shyer kids, writing words down won't make them feel put on the spot.

Before You Begin

2 or more players
Ages 5 and up
Need: stopwatch

Start Playing

Each player has one minute to say as many words as she can that begin with a certain letter.

Players take turns picking a letter of the alphabet.

Example, player # 1 picks the letter C. She begins by trying to name as many words that start with C before the one minute is up.

The next player then goes and play continues until every player has played that round.

Then another player chooses a different letter and the fun goes on.

For larger groups of kids, you may want to start with the letter "A" and go in alphabetical order.

The winner of each round is the player who called out the most words (so someone needs to be the word counter during play!)

This is another fun play idea that sounds pretty easy but is really challenging when you are under pressure from a time limit!

You'll find yourself repeating some words over again as your brain rushes to find all the words that begin with a certain letter in a short amount of time!

Just laugh about it, because it really is funny!

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