Word Ladder

Word Ladder is one of the fun spelling games for kids and letter games.

It makes for great fun for kids on a long drive.

It can be played anywhere as you don't need paper or pens.

Going for a short journey but don't want the kids getting bored?

Play this!

We love these for in class fun teachers can play with their class.

Try and make learning fun and kids will be excited to learn new words.

Language is an important part of life, so make it fun and kids will be eager to participate.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages 8 and up


The goal is to complete a word.

Begin with a player thinking of a word, "house" for example. He shouts out the first letter, "H".

Player # 2 thinks of a word beginning with "H" ("honey" perhaps) and calls out "O".

Player # 3 thinks about "H" and "O" and thinks his word is "hover" and calls out "V".

Play continues with each player adding a letter on to make a complete word.

You can add "ing", "ed" to a word, but not an "s" to make a plural word. Avoid names of people, places and things, and words that have a hyphen in them.

A player who cannot add a letter to complete a word gets one point. He then starts the next word.

A player can challenge another player to prove his word exists. If it IS a word, the challenger gets one point. If it is NOT a word, the speller gets a point.

The winner is the person who has the least amount of points.

These are great fun and parents can play anytime with their kids, beginning as young as they feel their kids can understand and play.

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