Word Association Game

Word Association game is one of the cool imagination games and word games for kids.

This is a fun party activity for kids.

Teachers can also use this for learning activities at school in the classroom.

Kids love playing, and when parents and teachers can turn learning into something fun, kids will be more receptive.

When kids find learning fun, you can bet they will be excited to do more of it!

And, that should make both parents and teachers happy!

As well as the children, too. Happy kids equate to happy mom and dad!

Before the Fun Starts

2 or more players
Ages 7 and up


Get ready for some fun and to think fast on your feet.

You'll have to think quickly and say things that go with other things.

Begin with player # 1 shouting out a word. Player # 2 has to quickly say a word that he thinks of.

Example, player # 1 says, "light." Player # 2 could say "house", "bulb" or "dark." If player # 2 chooses "bulb", player # 3 could say "plant".

If a word doesn't relate to the previous word, then it can't be used. If player # 1 says "light" and player # 2 says "shoe" the word would be disregarded.

Another player can start with the word "plant". The next player can say "flower", then the next player can say "tree".

Saying "house" would not be related to "plant" and would not count.

"Bush" is another acceptable word.

Play goes around to the left with each player coming up with words quickly.

A player who takes too long to say a word or gives a word not related to the previous word is out.

The winner is the last person left.

Play as many rounds as the kids want or until a specified amount of time has elapsed.

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