Wish Game

The wish game is one of the fun money games for kids and toddler activities.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: bucket, coin

Have Fun!

Give your child a penny and have him sit in front of a bucket. Tell him he is at the wishing well.

Ask him to describe to you what he is wishing for. Is it round or square? Is it a color?

Try to guess his wish as he's describing it to you. Help him out with descriptions so he learns new words. Is his wish soft, fluffy or squeezable?

Have him place the penny in the well in hopes that his wish comes true.


This is fun to play at Christmas, too. Pretend that Santa Claus is in the well.

Begin by having your child tell Santa all that he is thankful for.

It could be his parents, his dog, his toys, his brother or sister.

Then tell your child that Santa will listen to all his wishes and wants for Christmas.

Tell your child that money is no object and to tell Santa what he really wants.

When he's done have him drop the penny into the well.

Every Day

You can do this activity every morning.

Tell your child to wish for one thing for that day. It can be for himself or for his friends, pet or family.

You can also use this to teach your child the power of giving.

At the end of one month, have him take his pennies and give to a charity for the needy.

Have fun with the wish game.

Word Art

One of the fun preschool craft ideas and educational activities.

Before You Start

Ages 2 - 5
Need: paper, crayons


This will help kids learn how to describe things and learn descriptive words.

Any object she can think of that she wants drawn is good. It can be an animal, tree, house, or person.

Have her tell you what the object is then have her describe to you how she wants it to look.

Should the house be wide or tall? What color is it? How many windows and doors are there? Is there a driveway? How long should the driveway be?

If she wants to draw a person ask her if the person is sitting or standing, what is he doing with his arms or legs, what is his facial expression.

cartoon house on a hill with a red picket fence and blue sky and white cloud

What color of hair does this person have? What is his eye color? What is he wearing? What color is his pants? His shirt? What kind of shoes does he have on?

If it's an animal, what kind of animal is it? What color is its fur? Does it have a long tail? A short tail? How many legs does the animal have? What shape is the animal's ears?

When the picture is finished, let your child color it in, then hang it up to showcase the work of art.

Let your child give his picture a name and write it on the picture.

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