Who Am I game

Who Am I game is one of the fun guessing games and multiplayer games for kids.

This is a fun kids party or school activity that can be played during recess or as a learning activity in the classroom.


3 or more players
Ages 7 and up


Begin with a player covering his ears (or moving farther away if he can hear).

The group of players remaining will decide on a famous person's name (example, George Washington, Brad Pitt, Mickey Mouse).

The other player comes back to the group of players and says, "Who Am I?" One by one, the other players give a clue as to who the famous person is.

Example, if the famous person is George Washington, a player could say "You were on a boat." Or "You lived in the 1400's".

Don't make the clues too obvious. Saying "You discovered America" would probably let the player guess right away who the person is.

But they should not be so broad that the player will never guess who it is, "You have old fashioned clothes." "You had white hair."

If the clue is Mickey Mouse, you can say, "You are a cartoon character with big ears". Don't say, "Minnie Mouse is your friend" as that will be too easy!

Once each player has given their clues, the person guessing has 3 chances to identify the famous person.

If he does, he wins, if he doesn't the team players win.

You can play as many rounds as you want, or set a time limit.

Or set a number of points, 5, and the guesser or team who gets those points wins.

You can decide at the beginning if you want to select a category. For example, you could choose sports players, singers, tv stars or rock stars.

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