Whiteboard Word Game

The whiteboard word game is one of the fun alphabet games and race games.

Teachers and educators can play this at school. It's fun around the holidays or during the last week of school.

At those times, use words that pertain to the holiday or to summertime if school is coming to a close.

It's fun to play at kids' parties, too, with the children dividing into teams.

Parents can make the birthday boy or girl the subject of the fun.

The kids need to write as many words as they can in the allowed amount of time that describe or pertain to that person.


2 players
Need: whiteboard and markers

Time to Play

Give each player one whiteboard marker.

You can get these fairly inexpensively at a discount or outlet store in your area.

They usually will come with one marker in the same package as the board.

Draw a line between the middle of the board. Then you and a friend pick a side of the whiteboard, not the same side!

At "ready, set, go!", the two players race each other to put as many words as they can on their side of the board, to fill their board, and beat the other person to fill their side.

The judge will announce who wins. The words may be sayings, abbreviations, or any type of thing (example - lol, peace, happiness).

If the word, for example, is beach, have the kids fill the board with as many words as they can think of that pertain to the beach.

Words they can come up with include towel, sand, water, ocean, hot dog, picnic, bathing suit, surfboard, shovel, sand castle and flip flops!

Or, pick a letter of the alphabet and see how many words they can write on the board.

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