Wheelbarrow Race

The Wheelbarrow Race is one of the very fun outside and team building games for kids.

Another fun kids activity that's been played in generations of families around the world.

This relay should be played on grass.

You'll want a soft, and not hard, surface!

This has been played with school kids in gyms. It's up to teachers whether they want the kids playing this on gymnasium floors.

Players need both muscular leg strength and also good upper arm strength for this.

Hand to eye coordination is important for the child on the bottom.

Before You Start

4 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: sticks for making lines


Make starting and finish lines about 25 feet apart. Players pair up.

Use your discretion if you want to make the line shorter or farther apart.

The two teams that are starting the race line up behind the finish line.

One player on each team gets on her hands and knees on the ground and the other player stands behind her.

The leader shouts, "One, two, three, GO!" and the player standing up puts her hands on her partner's legs and lifts them off the ground holding the partner's ankles.

The player on the ground walks with her hands with her partner holding onto her ankles towards the finish line.

Once they reach the finish line, the players change positions and race back to cross the starting line.

And . . .

The first team to do this wins.

Players may also switch positions once they reach the finish line and wheelbarrow back to the starting line.

This is also fun to play at picnics. Have the adults pair up and race the kids.

See who's the best - the youngsters or the oldsters! Not satisfied with the results? Go again! Have fun!

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