Water Volleyball

Water Volleyball is one of the fun kids summer outdoor games and water games for kids.

Adult supervision is needed.

Nonswimmers can play as this game is played in shallow water.


4 or more players
Ages: 10 and up
Need beach ball, net, rope

The Field

Mark off the playing area by putting a rope across the middle of the pool. Play will be in the shallow water.

Then put a net (or another rope) down the middle of the playing area.


Kids separate into 2 teams with the same number of players.

They stand on opposite sides of the net facing their opponents spread out on their side.

One team has the ball and begins. The server is the player who is in the back row to the right.

She hits the ball with her hand, wanting it to go over the net into her opponent's side.

The server gets 2 tries to get it over the net. If she can't, the other team serves.

Once the ball gets over the net, the other team has to try and hit it back over the net to the serving team while the ball is in the air.

One player can hit the ball only once and a team is allowed 3 hits to get the ball back over the net.

Play continues with each team trying to keep the ball in play by hitting it back and forth over the net.

When a team hits the ball out of bounds or doesn't hit it and it falls in the water, that round is over.

If the serving team made the error, the opposite team serves. If the opposing team erred, the serving team still serves - and they get one point.

Players rotate after each volley has ended so each player has a chance to be the server.


The winning team is the team who reaches 15 points first (but they have to win by 2 points!).

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