Water Science Experiment

The water science experiment is one of the fun educational games for kids.

This is a fun activity to do at school since it uses supplies that should easily be found there.

For younger students, make sure you poke the pin holes in the cups for them. Parents can do this for their child at home.

What You Need

2 paper cups, one pin, two glasses, water and ice cubes


Using the pin, make one hole in the bottom of each cup. Make sure the holes are the same size.

Place the paper cups on top of the glasses, one cup per glass.

Pour cold water into one of the glasses until it's 1/2 full then add 1 or two ice cubes.

In the other glass, pour hot water until it is half full. An adult can boil water or heat some in the microwave for you.

As you're pouring water into the glasses, observe how the water passes through the paper cups into the glasses.

You should see the hot water dripping faster than the cold water!

And, if the cold water is REALLY cold, it may not drip at all!

Pretty cool, isn't it!

Try again. This time do not put the ice cubes in with the cold water.

Notice any difference? Is the cold water dripping fast, slow or does it seem not to be dripping at all?

Enjoy the water science experiment!

Water Game


Need: 2 clean baby food jars or other small glass jars, 2 different colors of food coloring, piece of cardboard big enough to fit over the jar tops


Take the first jar and add cold water almost to the rim. Add a few drops of one food coloring. Then add a little more water to the rim.

Get an adult to boil or microwave water until it's hot. Get them to fill the second jar with hot water, almost to the rim. Add the other food coloring.

Place your piece of cardboard over the top of the cold water jar.

Over a sink, quickly flip the cold water jar over with the cardboard on top and place it on the jar with hot water.

Do it as quickly as you can or the jar will leak water.

The cardboard should be a seal between the two jars and the tops of each jar should be aligned perfectly.

Get an adult to hold both jars. Slowly pull out the cardboard from between the two jars.

Look at the top and bottom jars and observe what color each is.

Pour out the contents of each jar, rinse them out, then do the above steps again.

This time, put the cardboard over the jar with the hot water and quickly turn this upside down and place on top of the jar with the cold water.

Again, have an adult hold the jars, make sure the jar tops are aligned, and slowly pull out the cardboard.

Observe the water color in each jar.

You should see the hot water color rising up into the cold water jar.

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