Water Game

The Water Game is one of the cool summer games for kids, and one of the very fun kids outdoor party games.

This is a good agility activity. It gets the kids up and moving.

Players want to run as fast as they can to beat the other team.

Before You Start

6 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: paper cup for each team, 4 large plastic bowls, sticks or chalk for making lines


Begin by making starting and finish lines 25 feet apart.

You can make it shorter or longer, depending on the number of kids and their skill level.

Divide the players into 2 teams with the same number of players.

Each team's players line up behind the starting line.

Put a bowl with 6 cups of water at the starting line for each team.

Put an empty bowl at the finish line for each team. The bowls for each team should have the same amount of water.

The first player on each team holds a paper cup.

After hearing, "Ready, set, GO!" the first player on each team scoops water into his cup then runs to the finish line where he dumps his water in the bowl.

He then runs back to the starting line and hands the cup to the next runner.

Play continues until all the water in one team's bowl has been transferred to the bowl at the finish line. That team is the winner.

However, if the winning team has spilled most of its water while the other team has a lot more water in the bowl, the team with the most water can be declared the winner.

Depending on the kids' ages, you can use dixie cups or 8, 10, 12 or 16 ounce cups.

The smaller the cups, the longer the race will be.

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