Water Baseball

Water Baseball is one of the fun team building and outdoor games for kids as well as summer games for kids.

Adult supervision is needed.

Younger kids, or any children, who are weak and non swimmers should not play as this game involves going into deeper water.

Before You Begin

8 or more players
Ages: 8 and up
Need beach ball

The Bases

Home base is the center of the shallow end of the pool.

1st base is off to the right of the swimming pool at the middle between the shallow and deep ends.

2nd base is the center of the deep end of the pool.

3rd base is off to the left of the pool in the middle between the deep and shallow ends.

You can place pool objects such as towels or floating devices to mark 1st and 3rd bases.


The kids separate into 2 teams with the same number of players. One team will be the fielders while the other team is the batters.

The pitcher will be in the middle of the pool about 3 feet from home base. The other players spread out around the bases and outfield.

The first batter gets in the water at home base while his teammates stand out of the pool along the shallow end.

The pitcher pitches towards the batter.

The batter can hit the ball with her hand or wait for another pitch. She only gets one hit per turn.


If she hits the ball and it goes out of the pool, she's out for that turn.

If she hits it and the ball stays in the pool, she runs or swims to 1st base. If a fielder catches the ball in the air, she's out.

If the ball isn't caught, the fielders can either throw the ball to the first baseman before the swimmer gets there, or tag the swimmer as she makes her way to 1st base.

No throwing the ball at another player.

Players can attempt to get to as many bases as they feel they can without being tagged. They remain on that base until the next player bats.

A player who swims underwater to get to base cannot be tagged out. Only players who walk or swim above the water can be tagged.


The next player bats and play continues in this manner. Players on other bases want to try and move ahead to the next base (or more than one base) when the next player hits the ball in fair play.

When a player gets to home base after running the bases, that team gets one point.

When a team gets 3 outs, the outfielders now become the batters while the batters go to the outfield. When the new batters get 3 outs, the 1st inning is over.

The End

Play continues in this manner until 4 or 5 innings have been played. The winner of water baseball is the team with the most points.

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