Water Balloon Race

The water balloon race is one of the fun swimming races and team building games for kids to play in the pool.

Adult supervision is needed for this activity.

Very young children and children who either cannot swim or are poor swimmers should not play as players will need to swim into deeper water.

The Pre-Show

6 or more players
Ages: 6 and up


Move the balloon to the other side of the pool the fastest with your team and be the winners!

Begin by dividing the players into 2 equal teams. Each team lines up at the shallow end of the swimming pool, one player behind the others on her team.

A balloon is put in the water in front of the first swimmer on each team.

An adult calls out "ready, set, go!" and the first swimmers have to use only their heads (no hands!) to propel the balloon to the deep end of the pool - and then back to the shallow end - as they swim.

The winner is the team who completes the relay race the fastest.

You can set the rules up so that if a player uses his hands to move the balloon, he has to go back to the shallow end of the pool and start over again.


You may also pair the kids up into twos and have them race against each other - one at a time.

The player with the highest score on each team will advance to the next round.

Eventually you will have the top 2 highest players who will race against each other for the championship.

Another way to play this is to have the players swim on their backs and either propel their balloon with their heads or have them use their feet.

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