Water Ball

Water Ball is one of the fun party games, and water and cooperative games for kids.

Adult supervision for the kids is needed.

This can be played in shallow water so younger kids and non swimmers can play with an adult around.

Kids will love to splash around as they try and catch the ball.

Splashing is what makes this fun!

On one of those hot summer days, it feels really good, too!

The Pre-Show

6 or more players
Ages: 8 and up
Need beach ball


Catch the ball when you are singled out and gain some points!

Each group will be at opposite sides of the pool. A group's players stand beside each other, arm's length apart.

One player gets the beach ball. He begins by throwing the ball across the water to a player on the other side.

While the ball is in the air, he calls out a name of a player in the opposite group.

This player must try and catch the ball. If she does, she and the thrower get one point.

Players in her group try to catch the ball, too. If a player catches it, he gets one point.

Players line up against the sides of the swimming pool again. The player who caught the ball is the new thrower.

If the ball is not caught, the original thrower goes again.


Play continues in this manner. The winner is the player who gets to 20 points first. Good luck!

Try and call out each kid's name so they all have a chance at going for the big catch!

If older kids are playing (or parents!), you can raise the point limit to 30.

Have fun playing this with all of your friends as you try to beat the summer heat.

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