Volleyball Game

The volleyball game is one of the fun multiplayer games for kids.

It's also one of the fun activities for outdoors on pavement, grass or even at the beach!

Yet another fun play idea for parents and kids, or kids and their friends.

This is also a very popular activity that gym teachers like to play in gym class!

Lots of schools have both boys and girls volleyball teams.

Like playing this?

Check with your school to see how you can get on the team!

You'll have fun interacting while getting exercise.


6 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: volleyball, net or clothesline, chalk or sticks


Divide the players into 2 teams with the same number of kids. Then make the playing field 25 by 50 feet.

Using a volley ball net or clothesline, put this across the middle of the playing area. Make sure there's trees to tie each end of the clothesline to.

Teams take their places on each side of the net and spread out.

The team who's serving begins the game by having one player throw the ball over the net.

This is different from actual volleyball.

The kids on the receiving team do not hit the ball back over the net.

One player has to catch it. Once he catches it, he throws it back over the net.

Play continues in this manner until one team doesn't catch the ball, fails to throw it back over the net, or throws it out of the playing area's boundaries.

If the team serving makes the mistake, the other team serves. If the other team makes the mistake, the serving team gets one point.

Each kid should get a chance to serve during the play.


The team who gets 21 points first wins, as long as they win by 2 points.

That's the key - winning by two points!

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