Vocabulary Game

The vocabulary game is one of the fun guessing games and charades games for kids.

It requires nothing but kids who want to play with others and have fun.

They'll get a bit of exercise, learn how to turn words into actions, and be able to laugh at themselves as they play.

Teachers can have fun with this in the classroom but don't push shy children into doing this activity if it makes them uncomfortable.

Not all kids are comfortable getting up in front of others and acting things out.

It makes a fun at home activity or birthday party idea as long as parents keep in mind that shy children may not like this.

Not all little ones like to be the center of attention.

Before You Start

4 or more players
Ages: 10 and up

Let the Fun Begin!

Players take turns acting out an action word ending in "ly" while the other players guess the word.

Example, "quietly", "loudly", "hastily".

The first player starts acting out her word. One at a time, the other players ask her to do something to describe her word.

Example, a player can say, "run to describe your word" and the actor can tip toe or perform some other action that describes her word.

Another word could be "quickly". The child acting out the word could do the motions very fast.

If the word is "loudly" and the child is asked to clap his hands, he should clap them as loud as he can!

Players call out answers, and the player who calls the correct word out first wins that round and gets one point.

If, after each player has requested an action, the word is not guessed, the actor must choose another word.


When all players have acted out a word, the winner is the player with the most points.

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