Valentine Day Party Ideas

Plan a fun Valentine day party for your friends with some cool party ideas.

Whether your party is on February 14th or the weekend before or after, make it an event your friends will always remember.

You can plan a co-ed party or have a girls or boys only Valentine's gala.

Valentine Invitations

Buy red construction paper and cut hearts out to use as your invitation. You can dress it up with Valentine stickers.

You can buy Valentine party invitations at craft or dollar stores and pass out or mail to your friends.

Another idea is to buy a bag of candied hearts with sayings on that come in individual boxes and attach a small cut out heart with tape.

Write the party details on the heart and pass out the little boxes of candy to the invitees.

Look in dollar stores for little stuffed animals, attach a party invitation and hand out to your friends.

Or buy red stringed licorice, glue it on a piece of construction paper in a heart shape and write the party details on the inside of the heart.

Valentine Decorations

Check at the dollar or craft store for red streamers, garland and balloons, party hats, paper plates, straws, napkins and plastic drinking cups as well as a tablecloth for your Valentine day party.

Cut hearts out of different colors of construction paper and tape these around the party room.

Valentine Food

Serve strawberry ice cream or milk shakes at your Valentine day party. Make heart shaped cookies and decorate with white or pink icing and red sprinkles.

Serve pizza or have a buffet of lunch meats and cheeses for the kids to make their own sandwiches or subs. Have veggies like tomatoes and red peppers for the sandwiches.

Set out bowls of candy hearts, red licorice and a box of heart shaped chocolate candy.

Valentines Party Games

Be sure to include fun kids Valentine activities at your party.

Card Toss

Give one Valentine party invitation to each child. Have them stand about 5 feet from a basket (a heart shaped one if you have one!).

Each child takes a turn tossing his card, trying to get it into the basket. After each round, the children take one step back and the next round begins.

red and pink candy hearts

Pin The Heart On The Cowardly Lion

Draw a lion (doesn't have to be perfect!), tape it to the wall at child height. Give each child a heart cut out of construction paper with tape on one end.

Using a scarf, blindfold the child, spin him around and set him off in the direction of the lion. The object is to get the heart closest to where it should go.

More Valentine Fun

Other fun Valentine party activities to play: play word scrambles using words related to Valentine's Day, play Hangman with Valentine related words.

Or give each child a paper with Valentine written down the side. Either have them write a poem starting with each letter, or let them come up with words starting with v-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e. It can be people's names, animals names, places.

10 Question Crush

Each child thinks of the name of her crush.

The other kids get to ask a question trying to discover her crush's name. Only 10 questions may be asked each round.

We hope you enjoy the Valentine day party ideas.

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