Vacation Bible School Games

Fun vacation bible school games and books of the bible games let kids learn about the Book, its events and its characters in a fun, active, and teambuilding manner.

These foster teamwork, and let children share their stories and insights about what God means to them, who God is, and how God helps to lighten their hearts and their everyday paths.

These give teachers plenty of activities to last throughout vacation school time.

Parents, you can also play these with your kids at home anytime.

Praying For My Family

This is one of the fun vacation bible school games that's also a good Sunday school, CCD or religious education project kids can do at home. Give each kid a journal from the dollar store. Have them take it home and when they pray with their families each night, have them write each family member's prayer into the journal.

Once it is written in, have the child pray for each member's intention. Discuss once a month how and when the children write in their journals and then pray for their family to God.

The Right Order

4 or more players

This is one of the vacation bible school games where you read a short biblical story to the kids. Beforehand, take sheets of paper and divide into 6 pieces for each team. Write parts of the story in order - one on each piece of paper. Divide the kids into groups of 2. Fold the papers, mix them up and have one child from each team unfold the papers. The team who puts the papers in the correct sequence of the story wins.

God's Light

4 or more players
Need flashlight

Have the kids sit in a circle in a darkened room. Turn on the flashlight and shine it on one or two things in the room. Pass the flashlight around so each child has a chance to shine it on an object. This is one of the vacation bible school games where you can discuss how God is the light of the world and how He allows us to open our eyes and see, even in the darkness, things we wouldn't normally see. Talk about how, with God, we see with our heart when it's dark.

The Knot

4 or more players
Need rope or string

Sit the kids in a circle. The leader or one of the kids takes the rope or string and ties it to make a knot. Pass the string around until all kids have made a knot. This is one of the vacation bible school games where you can talk about how, without God in our lives, we can become like a knot and get caught up tightly in ourselves and in ways that are contrary to God. Pass the string around again and have each child try to untangle the knot. Talk about how difficult it is to remove ourselves from situations that are not pleasing to God.

God's Family

Need construction paper, crayons

This is a good activity children and parents can also do at home. Get a big sheet of construction paper and crayons. Each family member will draw something that reminds them of God or something that brings them closer to God. As you are drawing, talk aloud about God and what you are drawing and why.

Scripture Garland

Need construction paper, pen, tape

This is a fun activity for Sunday school classes or kids and parents around the holidays. Get a few sheets of different colored construction paper. Cut the sheets into small strips. Choose a favorite family biblical verse. Write the first word from the verse on a separate strip of paper. Fold the paper to make a circle and tape the end together to close it.

Write the second word of the verse on another sheet of paper then interlock this with the first sheet of rolled paper then tape the ends of this piece of paper to form a circle. Continue writing the next word of the verse on a different colored paper, interlock it with the previous word's paper, and tape it to form a circle. When you are done, you will have a scripture garland chain to hang on your Christmas tree.

Cards of Faith

6 or more players
Need index cards, pen

Before playing, take 5 index cards per player and write one word on each card. Write, "love", "peace", "pray" "patience" and "joy" on the cards. Shuffle the cards then deal the cards to the players, 1 at a time. The players look at their cards.

The object is to collect 5 cards with the same word on it. Players may trade one card with the player on their left. As they trade cards, have each child lay the card he is giving up on the table or floor and ask him what that word means in his love and how he shows that word to others.

What's Missing?

6 or more players
Need whiteboard, marker

Have the kids sit on the floor facing the whiteboard. Write a short part of a biblical story leaving out an important person or object. Let the kids take turns guessing what is missing from the story.

All Mixed Up

Need index cards, pen

Take short biblical verses and write one word on one index card until the whole verse is written out on different index cards. Shuffle the cards, mixing them up well, then lay them face down on the floor or table. Each child will take a turn by turning over the cards then putting the words in the right order to form the verse.

We hope the vacation bible school games make the kids' play time a refreshing and fun filled time where they learn more about the Book and make their love for it grow.

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