Underwater Swim

The underwater swim game is one of the fun outdoor games for kids, team and swimming games.

Are you good with swimming under the water?

If you are, you have an advantage in this fun summer pool activity for kids.

There's no swimming on top of the water, so be sure you are up for a play idea like this.

Adult supervision is needed for this activity.

Strong swimmers can play in the deeper pool water while young kids and non swimmers must stay at the shallow end.

Kids who don't want to do their swimming under water should sit this one out.

Good under water swimmers have a leg up in this.

This is great to play on a hot day. Going underwater definitely cools you off!


4 or more players
Ages: 6 and up


Players need to stay underwater and avoid being tagged!

One player is the tagger ("it") and stays at one end of the pool. The other players spread out as far as they can from "it".

"It" shouts out "go" and swims after the other players, hoping to tag them.

The other swimmers swim away from him, going underwater to avoid being tagged. A player who is tagged is out of the round.


Play continues in this manner.

The winner is the last remaining player who hasn't been tagged.

New Rounds

The new "it" can either be the winner of the previous game or the first player who was tagged.

You can also make "it" a new kid for each round.

You may want to set a time limit on the rounds to give each of the kids a chance to be "it".

Depending on the number of kids playing, it could take a while for all of the kids to be tagged!

Enjoy the fun underwater swim activity.

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