Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is one of the fun discovery kids games and indoor party games for kids.

If weather permits, this is great for kids outside activities in a yard.

While smaller numbers of kids can play, a larger group lets the kids see their friend's sleuthing skills.

It can also be played inside in a larger room with good hiding places for objects.

Make sure you have enough keepsakes for each member of the team to have his own.

Teams can also be set up, but each team needs its own clues.

The first team to find the treasure is the winner.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages: 7 and up
Need candy or small toy, pencil, paper, tape

Ready . . . Go

An adult writes out clues and tapes them on or near objects such as doors, windows, trees, bushes, etc.

These clues guide the players to the next clue.

The adult hands the first clue to each player and the fun begins.

Players read the clue, then try and find where the next clue is at.

Clues can read, "move forward 15 steps and look to your right".

Or they can describe where the next clue is, "I'm part of your swing set that you climb the steps to get on" (sliding board). Be creative!

Once players find the final clue, they should soon find the treasure, which is theirs to keep.

Teachers will find this a fun game to be played at school.

There's usually plenty of places to hide things in the classroom.

It helps kids foster their reading skills, their directional skills, and their ability to find objects by clues.

And, it takes some of the stress out of class and lets them learn while doing something that is fun and gets them up and moving.

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