Treasure Hunt Game

The treasure hunt game is one of the fun brain games and strategy games for kids.

This fun thinking activity also helps foster memorization.

Before You Start

2 players
Ages: 7 and up
Need pencils and paper


Grid paper is best for this.

Begin with each player marking off 9 squares across and 9 squares down on his paper, for a total of 81 squares.

They then put numbers from 1 to 9 down the left side of the grid, and put letters A to I across the top of their grids starting on the left side.

An adult takes both papers and colors in all of the columns on the sheets and all rows EXCEPT for one square.

The papers should have different columns and rows colored in.

numbers 1 to 9 and rows of A to I with one uncovered grid square

The object is to uncover the only unshaded square on each player's paper.

Since different rows and columns are colored in on each paper, that leaves only 1 unshaded square on both pages.

The adult then gives each player a paper.

Play begins with one player calling out a square, "B 6" for example, and saying "Is that square colored?" The other player answers "yes" or "no.

If the answer is "yes", the asking player should put an X through that same square with her pencil.

The Finale

Play continues in this manner until one player finds the unshaded square - the buried treasure - and wins the round.


The player will need to remember which square(s) he called out before.

You can play one round or play a number of rounds.

The overall winner will be the player who has the most wins after a set number of rounds.

Depending on the age and skill of each player, the play could go on for quite some time!

If so, one round can be played.

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