Total Recall

Total Recall is a fun observation game - and one of the cool memory games - for children.

This is a fun activity for the classroom any time.

Younger kids love these types of fun activities.

Teachers can play along with the kids!

This makes for great party play ideas, too.

It helps train young minds to remember lots of objects.

Parents, join in on the fun and see who remembers the most objects, you or your kids!

Lose the first round?! Challenge them to another round!

Before the Fun Starts

2 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: tray with a dish towel to cover it, and 20 small objects
paper and pencils

And, Go!

For younger children, you can use fewer items, say 10, and use 20 for older kids.

A tray is prepared before play begins. Place all items on the tray and cover it with the towel. Items can be anything - fruit, toys, coins, utensils, etc.

Players form a circle around the tray and the cloth is removed for 2 - 3 minutes. Each player must memorize as many items on the tray as he can.

After the time is up, the items are again covered with the cloth. Players get 3 minutes to write down the items they remember seeing on the tray.


The winner of this is the player who lists the largest number of correct items.

If more than one player has the same number, the player with the most accurate description of an item wins.

For example, if there is a blue pen on the tray, a player in a tie breaker who wrote "blue pen" would be declared the winner over a player who wrote "pen".

You can also divide the kids into teams. The team who remembers the most items will be the ones who are the winners.

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