Tiddlywinks is one of the fun birthday party games, games for boys and for girls.

You can purchase sets at stores.

If you prefer to make your own, you can use quarters for the shooters and dimes as winks.

Poker chips and buttons work as well.

A shallow bowl makes the "cup".

Fun doesn't have to cost a lot or be expensive!

The Pre-Show

2 - 6 players
Ages: 5 and up
Need paper, pencil, bowl, coins, buttons


You can make a target on paper by drawing 5 circles inside of each other. The outer circle is worth 5 points, the next 10, the next 15, the next 20 and the "cup" 25.

The cup is placed in the center of the paper where the smallest circle is.

Give each player a shooter and 4 winks. The first player holds his shooter between his index finger and thumb.

He presses this onto a wink's edge. This makes the wink fly in the air towards the target paper.

The other players then do the same. The player who lands closest to the cup plays first.

He "shoots" a wink, trying to land it into the cup. If it does, he goes again.

Players should be at least 10 inches from the bulls eye (cup).


If the player doesn't get in the cup on his first shoot, when it's his turn again, he shoots from where his previous wink landed.

If a wink goes off the table, the player starts all over again with it.

If a wink lands on another, the top wink is played first.

If a wink props against the cup, the player, at each subsequent turn, has to shoot a wink at it so it lays flat on the table.


The winner is the first player to get all her winks in the cup.

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