This Means War!

This means War! - the War card game, of course!

This is one of the simple card activities kids can learn.

This fun activity has been around for a long time!

Your parents have played it when they were your age!

It's a fun classic that will continue to amuse kids of all ages - both young and old.

Kids can challenge their parents to a round.

It's fun to declare war on the folks!

Especially if you win and your parents are the losers! Can't get much better than that!


2 players
Ages 4 and up
Need standard deck of cards


This needs only two players. The object is to collect all the opponent's cards.

Each player picks a card - the one with the highest card shuffles and deals the whole deck, one card at a time, face down.

Each player places her cards in a face-down pile in front of her without looking at them.

Both players turn their top cards over at the same time and put them side by side, face up, in the middle.

The one who has the higher ranked card keeps both cards. Aces are high here.

The winner of each round adds the cards to the bottom of his stack.

Play continues in the same way. If both players turn over same ranked cards, (both turn over fours or tens for example), "war" is declared!

Each player puts 3 cards from his pile face down on top of the original card.

Then each player puts one card face up on top of the 3 face-down cards. The face up card with the higher value wins all those cards.

Double war occurs if the cards match again!

The winner is the player who gets all the cards in the deck or who's opponent runs out of cards during war.

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