The Color Brown

Help your child discover the color brown with these fun activities.

They're good discovery kids games and educational kids games.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: different nuts or brown socks


Peanuts are great for this activity as they come in different shades of browns.

Socks work just as well, so whatever you have on hand should work.

Let your child sort the objects into piles of the same shade and piles of different shades.

Explain how they are all brown but not the same color brown.

Then have her make piles of objects that are all different shades of brown.

This is also a fun fall activity when the leaves are changing colors.

Let your child pick up different leaves and talk about the different brown colors in the leaves.

Also good for the colors red, yellow and orange

Go through his crayon box and have him pick out all the shades of brown.

Let him draw a picture to see how the shades vary in color.

Point out objects around her that are brown. Maybe she has brown hair and brown eyes.

Maybe the family dog is brown or the carpeting is a beige color. Maybe your car is brown, your dining room table or your kitchen countertop.

Look outside. The tree trunks and limbs are brown. Dirt is brown. Maybe the outside of your house is brown.

Some birds are brown. Some insects are brown. Worms are brown.

The color brown is everywhere!

Things That Are Green

This is one of the fun craft ideas for preschool, toddler activities and preschool kids activities.

Before You Start

Ages 2 - 5
Need: newspapers or magazines, glue, index cards, green crayons


Go through papers or magazines together and tell your child to point out pictures or things he sees that are green.

You can also use postcards, greeting or Christmas cards.

Try to get various shades to help him learn the different green colors.

Cut out different shades and help him glue them on the index cards. Explain the various shades of light, medium and dark green.

Let him have different colored green crayons and draw his own picture on one of the index cards.

Tell him to point out anything green that is in the room.

Maybe someone in the family has green eyes. Or your son has a favorite green shirt.

Your daughter has a favorite green ribbon she loves to put in her hair.

Gather all these things up and compare the different colors of green. Probably no two colors will be exactly alike!

What holidays is the color green associated with? Christmas and St. Patrick's day for sure!

There are green trees at Christmas and green garland. St Patrick's Day has green shamrocks. Easter can have green colored eggs.

Trees are green in the spring and summer but not in the fall and winter in certain areas of the world.

There is green jello, green tea and green koolaid. Apples are green and so are grapes.

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