Telephone Game

Telephone game is one of the fun team building and teen party games.

Not only is this fun for parties, it's often used in school to strengthen memories and concentration skills.

It sounds easy, but it's not.

Even simple messages will turn out to be totally not like they started out.

This activity teaches children the importance of not gossiping as the message they receive or pass on will usually be distorted.

This fosters critical listening skills, concentration and memorization in kids.

They decipher the message they're hearing and then repeat it to the next child.

Before You Start

5 or more players
Ages: 6 and up


Have the kids form a circle sitting on the floor. An adult whispers a short message to one of the players to start the round.

That player then whispers the message to the player on his right. That player then whispers it to the player on her right.

Only one whisper per player, no repeats allowed!

Play continues until everyone has heard the message. The last player then says the message out loud.

The first player that heard the message then tells the other kids what the original message was.

Usually the message is not too close to the original one and kids have a good time laughing about that.

The round continues with each player getting a chance to be the original messenger.


We've played this with the children in school, too, usually in the elementary school-aged kids or the early junior high kids, 7th or 8th grade.

Pick a short message relevant to that day's or previous day's lesson to use as the relay message.

Or, use a message from something that has recently been in the news.

So, was the message totally different than it had started out?

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