Tea Party Ideas

The tea party ideas will allow you and your tea loving child to plan a nice and fun party.

Theme party ideas are great for birthdays as they allow focus on one idea for the whole event.


If you're mailing invitations, put a tea bag into each one for an extra special effect.

Or attach a piece of the party girl or boy's favorite color of paper to a tea bag and let your child pass those out as invitations.

Write the place, date, time, theme and contact information on the paper, then staple to the tea bag tag.

Tea to Buy

Be sure to have a variety of tasty tea on hand for the kids to enjoy.

Some tasty flavors include peach, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, apple, cherry, mango and even chocolate!

Look in your grocery store or all natural food store for a lot of choices.

Unless the party is a slumber party, it's probably a good idea to not serve tea such as chamomile, which can make the party goers a little sleepy!

Party Food

In addition to lots of tea, you will need some nice tea party food to serve to the children.

Biscuits are great and are easy to make.

Buy some pre-made dough at the store, slice and bake and you have a nice smelling house along with a nice treat for the party goers. Have jelly, butter or peanut butter as a spread.

Mini donuts are another nice treat to eat with tea. If you're having a birthday cake, this will take the place of donuts.

For sandwiches, try peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and banana. Cut the crusts off of the bread and cut the sandwiches in 4 sections to make an official high tea party sandwich.

For those kids who can't eat peanut butter, have some chicken salad, tuna salad or turkey on hand. Be sure to cut the crusts off and cut in 4 sections.

Decorating Ideas

Tea party decorations can be pretty and dainty. Have flowered napkins (or plain pastel colored napkins for boys who don't like flowers!), flowered paper plates and cups and a fresh teapot vase of flowers for the table.

Put a tea bag with a name written on the tag as a place holder around the table.

Help the children make their tea and supervise them around the stove and hot water. It's best to serve the tea warm and not too hot. Serve the tea with milk and sugar or honey if preferred.

Kids love to pretend, and theme parties let them indulge their creative and playful sides.

Enjoy the tea party ideas!

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