Taboo Game

Taboo Game is great as car games for kids and educational kids games.

It's one of the challenging and fun brain play ideas that foster vocabulary skills.

It can be played anywhere as you don't need any pencils or papers.

All you need is some kids who want to play and have old fashioned fun.


2 or more players
Ages 9 and up


The goal is to answer questions without using the forbidden letter in your answer.

Begin by choosing a player to ask questions. He then chooses a letter that may not be used in players' answers.

The asker IS allowed to use the letter in his question.

Players have to answer in sentences, not "no" or "yes".

Example, the asker selects "B" as the forbidden letter. He asks, "What color is the ocean?"

Players may think immediately of "blue" as the answer, but they cannot use the letter "b". Players must think of other creative answers to the question.

A player could say, "The ocean is a neat aqua color." Or, "The water is a greenish color". No "b's" appear in either of these sentences.

Set a time limit of 30 seconds for each player to come up with a sentence.

If a player takes too long, uses a sentence with the forbidden letter in it, or cannot come up with an answer, he is out of that round.

After each round, a new asker is chosen and a new forbidden letter is picked.

The winners are the players who win each round. Or you can assign one point to each round winner.

The player with the most number of points after a preset number of rounds will be the overall winner.

You can also pick a time limit, say 15 minutes, and the play will be over when that time limit is reached.

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