Tabletop Shuffleboard

Tabletop Shuffleboard is one of the fun indoor and team building games for kids. It can also be played as a two player game.


2 or more players
Ages: 7 and up
Need ruler, quarters, tape or chalk, pencil, paper


A rectangular table is best for this.

Draw 2 lines down the table using chalk or masking tape, 5 to 6 inches from each end of the table. The area outside these lines is out of bounds.

Then draw a line across the table 6 inches from the edge. Draw another line across, 6 inches from the other end of the table.

You now have a large rectangle on the table. Subdivide these into no score, low score and high score areas.


The no score area should be 15 inches from the edge of the table.

The low score area will be 8 inches in length, and the high score area should be 6 inches in length.

The high score area is at the top of the board, next the low score, and finally the no score which is the area where the players start play.

And, You're Off!

If more than 2 kids, divide them up into 2 teams. Make sure you have an even number of players. Give each player 4 quarters.

A player begins by standing at the edge of the table in front of the "no score" area.

Using a ruler, he pushes one of his quarters on the table. Play continues with each player playing one quarter at a time.

If a coin goes out of bounds, it is taken out of the round.

If a player has a coin in play, he can try hitting this coin with another coin when it's his turn next, trying to get it into the high score area.


Players don't want to hit another player's coin and move him into the high score area!


When each player has played all 4 coins, totals are added up. 2 points are given for coins in the high score area and one point for coins in the low score area.

The player or team with the highest score after a certain number of rounds is the winner of tabletop shuffleboard.

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