Table Tennis Ball Game

The table tennis ball game is one of the fun outdoor and indoor party games for kids.


2 - 8 players
Ages: 5 and up
Need ball, straws, pencils or pens

The Playing Area

You'll need an even number of players. Besides a table, this can also be played on the floor.

You'll have to use tape to make a playing area on the floor.

If playing on a table, use pencils or pens to make goals on each end of the table.

The goals should be 3 inches long and 3 inches wide.

If more than 2 players, you can separate the kids into 2 teams.


Begin by placing the ball in the middle of the table. Players stand on opposite ends of the table.

After hearing "go!", all players begin blowing into their straws.


The goal is to get the ball through the goal at the opposite table end.

But players must also use their breath and straws to prevent a ball from going into their goal zone.

Players can't touch the ball with their hands or their straws. They cannot blow on the ball without the straws.

When a ball goes between the goals, that team gets one point.

Play then continues as before by placing the ball back in the center of the table.

If the ball falls off the table (out of bounds) it is put back on where it was before it fell off.

The team that caused the ball to go out of bounds has to give the opposing team a free blow, then the other team can join in.

The End

After a preset time has elapsed, the winning team (or player) is the one with the most points.

You can also pick a number, and whichever team reaches that number first wins.

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