Swimming Race

The swimming race is one of the fun swimming games and outdoor games for kids.

Children will have to put their thinking caps on!

They'll use their creativity skills in order to be the winner of this activity.

How many ways can you get across a pool?!

You'll have to come up with several different original ways if you want to be the winner!

This requires constant adult supervision.

This should be played in shallow water.

Take into account the ages of the players and their skill at being able to swim.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages: 6 and up


Players line up on one side of the pool in the water.

One player begins and has to get to the other side of the pool using any way she chooses.

Players can swim on top of the water, underneath it, doggie paddle, walk across or any method their imaginations come up with.

Once the 1st player makes her way across to the other side, the next player goes.

Players cannot duplicate any of the other players' moves.

The more players there are, the more difficult it becomes to think of original moves.

Play continues until a player cannot think of any original moves. That player is then out of the round.


The winner is the last player to cross the pool without using another player's move.


Play as many rounds as you like!

Once you start a new round, you are allowed to duplicate moves that were done in a previous round.

You can start the new round on the side of the pool that you ended up at the previous round.

If there is a large group of kids playing, you can amend the rules and let each move be able to be done two times instead of one.

Enjoy the race. Did you win?

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