Swimming Pool Games

The swimming pool games are fun activities for kids to play in backyard pools over the summer months.

Those children lucky enough to live in warm climates all year long can play anytime during the year.

These kids outdoor play ideas let them enjoy a fun swimming race in the pool in the hot summer sun, plus relay and tag entertainment.

With adult supervision younger kids will find these activities a good way to cool off on a hot day.

Water and fun go hand in hand - especially when lots of their friends are joining in on the fun!

Kids who cannot swim - or can't swim very well - should always stay in the shallow part of the swimming pool.

Safety first.

Always supervise young children when they are near water.

Never let them alone.

Most of these ideas can be played in the shallow part of pool, so don't worry if you're not a very good swimmer.

cartoon boy in a blue swim top and shirts with floaties on, a blue swimcap and a beach ball beside him

Get your friends together and have fun passing the hot days of summer.

These are fun outdoor games for kids and team building games for kids.

They're also fun:

  • active
  • cooperative
  • fitness
  • fun family
  • boys and girls
  • teens
  • group
  • and preteen entertainment ideas.

Enjoy these swimming activities!

Water, summer and fun go hand in hand.

Parents can even join in and play these in the pool with the kids.

These will hone in on and strengthen kids agility, concentration, coordination and listening skills.

Some of these involve one of the kids being "it", and this will involve stamina as he or she may be swimming around the pool quite a bit trying to catch other players.

They'll get exercise, get wet and have lots of fun with their friends!

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