Sunken Ship

Sunken Ship is one of the fun guessing games. It's also one of the more challenging games for teens.


2 players
Ages: 9 and up
Need pencils and paper


Grid paper works best for playing this.

Players draw two separate areas on their papers. Each area is 10 squares across and 10 squares down for a total of 100 squares.

One area is called "home fleet" and the other "enemy fleet".

They then put numbers from 1 to 10 down the left side of each of their 2 playing areas.

They also put letters A to J across the top of each playing area.

2 grids for sunken shi

Players then put their home fleet ships on their papers by shading in a specific number of squares as follows:

One battleship = 4 side by side squares either across or up and down.
Two cruiser ships = 3 side by side squares each, either across or up and down.
Three destroyer ships = 2 side by side squares each, across or up and down.
Four subs = 1 square each.

Make sure to leave at least one white square between your ships.

Play begins with one player calling out a letter and number, "D 6", for example.

If this square is a shaded square, meaning a ship is located there, the other player says, "hit."

If it is a white square, meaning no ship is located there, the player says, "miss."

If a hit occurs, the player must put an X through his "D 6" square. He then tells the other player what type of ship it is.

The asking player puts an X through "D 6" on his enemy fleet grid.

If it's a miss, the asking playing shades in that square.

To sink a ship, a player must uncover all the shaded squares. When he does, the other player shouts out, "sunk!"

Play continues, with each player taking turns calling out a square on his opponent's paper.

The End

The winner of sunken ship is the player who sinks all his opponent's ships first.

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