String Ring

String Ring is a fun activity and one of the fun toddler games that can be played indoors or outside.

Be the fastest team to pass around an object and win!

You also get to keep the prize!

This is one of the fun party games for kids.

Before Starting

6 or more players
Ages 3 and up
Need: 2 rings, string or yarn


Divide the kids up into two teams with the same number of players.

Give each team a piece of string or yarn 2 to 3 feet long.

Put one ring on each string and tie the ends of the string together to make a circle.

Players can either sit or stand in a circle with each player holding onto the string.

Let the kids decide how they want to play and what is the most comfortable for them.

One player on each team holds on to the ring.

The leader shouts, "One, two, three, GO!" and the teams start to pass the ring around the circle as quickly as they can, to the right.

The winning team is the team who passes the ring around the circle 4 times.

Have fun trying to beat your opponents!


Try another version of this activity by using music.

The children will pass the ring around the circle while an adult plays music.

After some time, the adult will quickly stop the music. The kid who has the ring will be out.

Don't let the music play too long! Vary it from 15 seconds to up to one minute.

Play continues like this until there is only one child left. He or she is the winner.

It's nice to get a cracker jack ring or a type of ring that the child would be glad to keep as a prize.

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