Straw Game

The Straw Game is one of the cool kids indoor party games, and fun activities for children to play.

Safety first. Use objects large enough that they cannot be sucked up into the straw.


6 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: straw for each player, 5 mini marshmallows, 4 paper plates


Divide the kids into two teams with the same number of players. Players sit on the floor, side by side, facing the other team.

Give each player a straw.

Then put a paper plate with mini marshmallows on one end of each team, and an empty paper plate on the other end of each team.

The leader calls out, "One, two, three, "GO!" and the player on each team closest to the marshmallows picks up a marshmallow with the straw that is in her mouth.

Players should inhale while picking up an object and exhale while releasing it.

The first player drops the marshmallow into the hands of the player to her right.

This player then picks the marshmallow out of his hand with the straw, then puts it in the hands of the player to his right.

Play continues until the player on the other end has the marshmallow and drops it, using his straw, into the empty bowl.

If a marshmallow falls to the ground, it goes back to the first player to start over.

And . . .

The first team to pass all their marshmallows down to the empty bowl wins.

To make the race a bit more challenging, once the object reaches the player on the end, start it back up the line to the child who started.

The team who passes it down and back the line first will be the winners.

So, how fast were you able to go? Did your team win?

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