Stoop Ball

Stoop Ball is one of the fun tennis games for kids and fun outdoor sports activities.

Yes, another one of the fun activities to be played outside.

If your friends aren't around, that's fine! You can play this with only one player.

So, take a break from schoolwork, get away from your computer!

Stop playing video activities and get out and get some fresh air!

Play a few rounds and see if you can beat your highest score or the score of the previous round.

You'll love this fun "oldie" play idea that's good clean fun!

Moms and dads, challenge your son or daughter to a round or two on a weekend or after work or school.

The Pre-Show

1 - 2 players
Ages 8 and up
Need: tennis ball


This needs to be played where there's steps. One person can play by himself or he can play against someone.

Begin with the player standing 4 feet from the steps.

He throws the ball at the steps and has to catch it when it bounces back off of them.

For one point to be scored, the ball has to bounce off the top of a step and then bounce off the front of the step above it.

It may be tricky at first to get into the rhythm, but you'll soon get the hang of how to throw the ball.

Then the player has to catch it as it flies in the air back to him.

For 10 points, the player has to bounce the ball off the front of a step and catch it while it flies back to him.

A player who doesn't catch the ball or bounce it properly, loses one point.

That's All!

For two players playing against each other, whoever reaches the preset number of points first wins.

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