Still Pond

Still Pond is a fun swimming race.

It's also one of the cool kids outdoor games and family activities to play with your children.

Kids will need to get a move on and get to the other side of the pool in 5 seconds or less or else they have to start all over again!

Five seconds isn't very much time, so plan out your strategy before the play begins.

Adult supervision is necessary for this activity.

Older kids and strong swimmers can play in deeper water.

Younger kids should play on the shallow end of the pool.


4 or more players
Ages: 6 and up


One player is "it". He stays on one side of the pool while the other players line up along the opposite pool's side.

"It" closes his eyes and counts to 5. While he's counting, the other players try to get to his side of the pool.

When it reaches "5" he shouts out "still" and opens his eyes hoping to catch swimmers still in action.

Players have to stand still when "it" shouts out.

Anyone who is caught swimming or moving across the pool goes back to the side of the pool and tries again.

Play continues like this until one player makes it to "its" side of the pool.

Players will have to be pretty good and fast swimmers to get across the pool in 5 seconds!


Think of this as water freeze tag, but you're not being tagged!

Switch up every round and let each child become "it".

The kids can play as long as they want to, swimming is good exercise for them!

You may find it hard to stand frozen in the water!

The other kids may make the pool a bit wavy, but try your hardest!

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