Stick Ball

Stick Ball is one of the cool tennis games for kids and playground games.


6 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: tennis ball, bat

Playing Field

Begin by making a playing area. You can draw it with chalk on pavement. It will be diamond shaped with each side 60 feet apart.

Each point will be a base, starting with home base, then to the right 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 3rd base will be to the left of home base.


Divide the kids up into 2 teams with the same number of players. One team is the fielding team with a pitcher, the other team bats.

A player should be at first base and if there are a lot of players, one can be at 2nd and 3rd base while the other players are scattered throughout the playing area.

The batting team chooses a captain who determines the batting order.

The pitcher overhand throws the ball to the batter. It has to bounce once before it gets to the batter.


A swing and miss is a strike. 3 strikes and the batter is out.

Balls that are fouled (hit out of bounds or behind the batter count as strikes).


If it's a ground ball that the batter hits, he runs to first base.

If a ball is hit and stays in bounds - if it's a fly ball and caught, he is out.


He can be out by being tagged, by having a fielding player run and touch the base while holding the ball, or by a player throwing the ball to the 1st base man (who has his foot on the base).

Absolutely no throwing the ball at the batter.

The batter can run as many bases as he thinks he can make before being tagged. He then stops on that base.

The next batter then bats. If he hits a fair ground ball or a fly ball that is not caught, he runs to 1st base while the other player on base tries to get to the next base and possibly back to home base.

If he reaches home plate, his team receives one point.


Hitting the ball really far is good in baseball but not stick ball.

If the ball is hit way past the normal outfield, the batter is out.

The End

Once the batting team gets 3 outs, they change places with the fielding team and they bat.

The team with the most points after 7 to 9 innings wins.

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