Stare Game

Stare game is one of the fun indoor party games and games for young kids.

Noone likes being stared at unless you're playing a fun party activity like this one.

It's fun to play, easy to do, and you don't need any materials!

Just sit down or stand, focus your eyes and let the fun and laughter begin!

While younger kids will find it quite amusing, teenagers will find this a fun activity as well.

Parents and kids can challenge each other to fun anytime!

Laughter is contagious, so do lots of it as often as you can!


2 or more players
Ages: 4 and up


Divide the kids up into pairs. Either have them stand or sit facing each other.

Let the kids decide what they want to do.

An adult calls out, "ready, set, go!" and the showdown begins!

Players must stare at each other, hoping to make the opposing player laugh. Players can make funny faces or tell jokes.

If you prefer the kids stay quiet and stare, then allow them to make faces but don't allow them to speak.

Players are not allowed to close their eyes. They need to keep them open throughout the activity.

If a player laughs, she's out of the round.

Players change partners after each round.

The winner is the last remaining player.

For a larger group of children, have 3 or 4 kids on a team.

The ones who laugh are out of the round.


This is also a very good activity for the kids to play in the car!

They can sit beside each other on the trip and stare at each other!

They'll see it's not that easy to just stare at someone, especially when the other person is trying to make them laugh!

So how'd you do staring at your friends? Did you end up laughing?

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