St Patricks Day Party

March 17th the fun begins with a fun St Patricks Day party with lots of your friends.

The color theme is green, and it's fun to play Irish music at the party and try an Irish jig.

The dress code can be one green item - a green shirt, shoes or socks. Girls can also wear green earrings or a green bracelet to complete their outfit.

St Patricks Day Party Invitations

You can buy invitations at the dollar store, but it's fun for kids when they create their own. Get some green construction paper and draw 4 leaf clovers.

Cut these out and write the party information (place, time, date, RSVP information) on the paper and have the kids pass out in the neighborhood or at school.

St Patricks Day Food

Stick with the green color scheme and make green jello. You can make the jello in ice cube containers for little green squares or buy special molds, maybe a 4 leaf clover, and make it that way.

Make your favorite frosted cookies and put a few drops of green food coloring in the icing when you frost them.

Cut up some broccoli, celery, cucumbers, green apples and kiwi, and put some pickles and green grapes out, too.

For a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow theme, get some gold wrapped chocolates at the store and sprinkle in some green M&Ms.

For drinks, make lots of green Kool Aid. You can finish off the meal with chocolate mint ice cream!

St Patricks Day Decorations

Check at your local craft store or dollar store for green garland, green clover leaf decorations, paper plates, utensils, napkins and tablecloths.

Buy a couple small green potted plants to sit around the room.

If you have some of the green construction paper left, you can cut out more 4 leaf clovers and hang these on the walls or from the ceiling.

one dark green four leaf clover on a light green and yellow background

St Patricks Day Games

Kids love activities, and there are some fun ones they can play on March 17th. Draw a picture of St. Patrick on construction paper (or check your craft store for one without a hat).

Cut St. Patrick out, then draw hats on the construction paper and cut this out. You'll need 1 hat for each child. Put tape on the back of each hat.

Hang up St. Patrick at child level and have the kids line up.

Using a handkerchief, blindfold each child and spin around then set him off in the direction of St. Patrick.

Each child will place his hat where he thinks St. Patrick's head is.


Draw a rainbow on construction paper and hang this up at child level. Draw pots or blocks of gold on construction paper (one for each child) and put tape on the back.

After being blindfolded and spun around, each child will try to get the pot or gold underneath the rainbow right in the center.

More Play Ideas

Or, get a clear glass jar and some green beads and fill the jar up with beads (or halfway up).

Let each child guess how many beads are in the jar. The one who is closest gets to keep the jar as their prize.

For a craft party idea, have some green beads and string available and let each child make a bracelet or necklace out of the items. They can wear it and then take it home.

Get out the Irish music and put some chairs in a circle and play musical chairs. Then read the kids a story on the real St. Patrick.

We hope you enjoy a fun St Patricks Day party!

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