Spud Game

Spud Game is one of the good group games for kids and one of the fun picnic games.

Before You Play

4 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: kick ball or beach ball


Use a soft ball! And when throwing tell kids to throw at waist or legs. No rough housing with the ball!

Begin by giving one child the ball. The other players stand around her.

The player with the ball throws it as high as she can into the air while calling out another player's name.

The player whose name was called has to run and try and catch the ball.

The other players run away from the ball as fast as they can.

If the player catches the ball, he calls out another player's name and play continues in this same manner.

If the player doesn't catch the ball and it hits the ground, he has to pick it up, yell "Spud" and he and the other players have to stop in their tracks and stand still.

The player holding the ball has to lightly throw the ball at another player.

He takes 4 steps towards him while calling out "S - P - U - D" and then throws the ball.

If he hits the player, the player gets the letter "S". If he misses or the player he was aiming at catches the ball, the thrower gets the "S".

Whoever gets the letter throws the ball in the air and calls out a player's name.

Just About Over

Play continues in this manner, until someone has received all the letters "S", "P". "U", "D". That player is out of the round.

Rounds can continue until one player is left standing or until a certain number of players are out.

A third option is to set a time limit, and the play is over once that time is reached.

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