Sports Games For Kids

Fun sports games for kids are usually played outdoors although a few of these may be played indoors in a gym depending where you live and the time of the year.

Get the kids up and moving with activities that test muscular strength, improve hand to eye coordination skills, use critical thinking skills and foster creative thinking.

Good classics like these bring back the good old days of playing outside in the summer months with friends.

Teachers will find these great recreation entertainment for gym classes and playground recess breaks.

Diversify and play a different one each week.

A lot of these use some type of balls - basketballs, tennis balls, soccer balls, baseballs and kick balls.

You can usually buy these at dollar or discount stores fairly inexpensively.

cartoon boy in a yellow outfit kicking a ball

They are great:

  • outside party
  • playground
  • picnic
  • summer
  • and team building activities.

There's tennis, camping and volleyball games plus:

  • football
  • basketball
  • frisbee
  • teens
  • and team activity ideas.

Enjoy these sports activities for children!

These are activities parents can join in and play with the kids.

You probably remember how to play them as you played them as a child.

Show your child some cool moves as you teach them how to play and have fun knowing their grandparents played and that their children will play, too.

These are watched on TV, played on the computer, and played as video entertainment.

But it's much more fun, and healthy, to get the kids outside and into some old fashioned fun.

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