Spoon Science Experiment

A fun spoon science experiment, one of the fun learning games 4 kids.

Sounds are an important part of life.

We hear other people's voices.

We hear our dogs barking and our cats meowing.

We hear cars, trucks and motorcycles.

We hear music - all different kinds of music.

We hear the sound of wind chimes in the breeze.

We hear our doorbells ringing.

This fun experiment lets you hear music to your ears.


Need: different sized spoons and string


Cut the string into one piece 2 1/2 feet long.

In the middle of the string, tie a loose knot. Do not make a tight knot.

Starting with your smallest spoon, place the spoon handle through the knot then pull it tight so the spoon stays in place.

Let the spoon's round part hang down from the handle.

Take one end of the string and place it against your ear. Take the other string end and place it against your other ear.

Gently swing the spoon and let it hit the kitchen countertop or a table. You should hear a sound like a bell ringing!

Try this with different sized spoons and you should hear different bell tones.

Which spoons make the highest pitched tones? Which spoons make the lowest pitched tones?

Which sounds are your favorite and why?

Try using plastic spoons and do the same spoon science experiment. What do you hear?

Straw Experiment

When you use a straw for drinking, the liquid goes from the glass, up the straw and into the mouth.

There's no way the liquid will just stop in the middle of the straw, right?

It will either go into your mouth to be swallowed or it will go out the bottom of the straw - back into the glass.

Let's try a fun experiment and find out if liquid can be trapped in a straw!


One straw, 2 glasses


Fill one of the glasses with water until it's 1/2 full.

Place your straw in the glass of water. Put your mouth on the straw like you're going to drink and fill the straw 1/3 full with water.

Place your finger on top of the straw covering the hole. Remove the straw from the water.

The water stays in the straw! It doesn't go up or out the bottom.

Hold the straw over the empty glass and remove your finger from the top of the straw.

The water comes out the opposite end of the straw!

This is another easy experiment that will fascinate your child.

Let her try the experiment over and over again. Kids like to repeat. It helps them learn and remember things.

And, we just learned that you can indeed make water stop in your straw!

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