Spit Card Game

Spit card game is a great concentration game.

Before You Begin

2 players
Ages 8 and up
Need standard deck of cards


Each player picks a card. The high card holder shuffles and deals all the cards, one at a time, face down.

Don't look! Each picks ten random cards and lays them out as follows.

Make a four card row, left to right. The first card is face up - the other three face down.

Make a second row of three cards, one on top of each of the three face-down cards. In row 3, the first card is face up and the other face down.

Row 4 has one face-up card overlapping the face down card of the third row.

The rest of the cards are piled face down to the left of each players' cards. This is the "spit" pile.

When ready to play, both yell "One, two, three. Spit!" At "Spit!" both turn their top cards from their spit piles over and put them face up in the center.

Very quickly, both players try to play face up cards from their 4 card row on to their middle stacks.

Cards can only be played if the face up card in their row of cards is one above or one below the middle card - suit doesn't matter.

Example, if a middle card is a 4, a player can only put a 3 or 5 on top of it - if he has one face up in her row of cards.

If a face up card is playable, the face down card below it on the row of cards has to be turned face up.

This newly turned up card can then become a playable card and can be played on the middle stack.

If one row of a players 4 card row is played completely in the middle, he can put a card from his spit pile face up in the new empty spot.

Each player continues playing cards into the middle stack, going up or down in sequence quickly, trying to beat the other player to a place where they can both put a card.

When neither player can play any more cards from their row of cards, they yell "Spit!" and each puts his top spit pile card in the middle.

Each player tries to play cards from his card row on to center stacks. If both run out of plays, they shout "Spit!" and put new cards from their spit piles out.

If a player uses his spit pile but has cards in her card rows, she has to "spit" with the face up card farthest to the left.

The End

The winner of the Spit card game is the first player who gets rid of all his cards.

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