Spiders Web

Spiders Web is one of the fun kids teamwork, cooperative, and Halloween party games for kids.

It's also one of the cool Halloween party activities for older children if helping to set up the activity.


4 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need string or yarn for each player, small toy or bag of candy for each player


This can be played indoors in a large room (be sure to remove objects children could hurt themselves with such as things that could break) or outdoors in your yard.

The adult will set up the web before the play begins.

She makes a bag of candy for each player and hides the goodies where the activity will be played. Small toys can also be wrapped and used.

She ties the end of either string or yarn to each goody bag.

The string should be about 15 to 20 feet long and a different color for each player.

The adult then takes the ends of the strings not attached to the presents and weaves them over or under objects (furniture, tables, chairs, etc. if inside; patio furniture, trees, fence, swings, etc. if outside).

Each string is intertwined with each other so when all strings have been laid out it looks like a spider web.

A few inches of each color of yarn is left unweaved. Each player goes to his color where it is not intertwined.


An adult calls out "go!" and each player starts to unravel his web of yarn. The winner is the player who unravels her web first and gets her prize.

The other players continue unraveling until they reach their prize.

Each child, no matter how fast they are at untangling will get a prize. So everyone is a winner!

Enjoy playing this activity with all your friends!

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