Spelling Game

The fun spelling game is a childrens' classic.

It's one of the fun group games for kids and letter games.

It also makes for great party fun for kids.

Nothing is needed except the people who are going to be playing.

These are great fun, and parents can play at home with the kids.

Spelling bees are extremely popular in schools and spelling words will be a lifetime activity kids will need to do.

Make it fun for them, and not work, and they will love spelling forever!

Before the Fun Starts

2 or more players
Ages 6 and up


If there are enough kids, divide them into 2 equal teams. An adult or older child is the leader.

The leader can make a list beforehand of the words the kids will spell or she can have a dictionary and pick a word out for each child.

If there aren't teams, the kids can line up single file behind each other.

If there are teams, each team stands beside each other, also lined up in single file order.

Take into account the ages of the kids and make sure to give them age-appropriate words.

The leader gives a word to the first player. If the word is "alphabet", the player says "alphabet", spells the word and then says "alphabet" again.

If he spells it correctly, the next player gets to spell. If the first player doesn't spell the word, he's out.

The winner can be the last person standing. If a team game, the team with the last player standing wins.

Or, each word that is spelled correctly can receive one point and the player or team with the most points at the end wins.

Set a number of rounds to play or choose an amount of time. Time is up, and the playing is over!

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