Speedball is one of the fun tennis games for kids.

It's also one of the good picnic games and camping activities for children.


10 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: softball or tennis ball, bat


If you're using a softball, you'll also need gloves for the players.


If you're not playing on a baseball field, you can draw a field with chalk on pavement. Make a diamond, 25 feet between sides.

Make home base, then to the right 1st base, 2nd base at the top of the diamond and 3rd base across from 1st base.


The pitcher stands in the middle of the diamond field. The other players, after dividing into 2 equal teams, spread out around the playing field.

One player should be at first base, one at 2nd and one at 3rd base (if there's a lot of players). The others will be in the field.

The batting team can count off to determine batting order or a captain can choose the order.

The first batter steps onto home plate and the pitcher throws an underhand ball to him.

If the batter swings and misses, it's a strike. 3 and he's out.

Fouls occur when the ball is hit out of the playing area, which includes behind him.

Fouls are strikes. If the player already has 2 strikes though, a foul at that point doesn't count as an out.

If the batter doesn't swing at a playable ball, it's a strike. If a ball is too far off from home plate, that's a ball. 4 balls and she can walk to 1st base.

It's good to have an adult or older child who knows the rules of baseball determine strikes and balls.

Balls hit in the playing area are good balls and the batter runs to 1st base. If a fly ball is caught, she's out.

She can be out by having a player throw the ball to the player at first base (his foot must be on the base) or by tagging the runner. No ball throwing at the runner.

The batter can run as many bases as she can make without being tagged.

She stops at a base when she can't run any more. The next batter bats and play continues.

If the next batter hits a fair ball, then both players run as many bases as they can.

When a player makes it back to home plate, her team gets a point.

3 outs and the team changes places with the fielding team. The fielding team then bats.

Only 4 players can bat per inning in speedball. A player who was walked, however, does not count as a batter.

The End

The team with the most points after 5 innings wins.

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