Fun Soccer Game

The soccer game is one of the fun team building games for kids.

This fun activity allows you to score points.

However, you do NOT want to get the most points in this play!

To win this, you need the lowest number of points.

Yes, that's right!

Keep it low, and you can walk away as the winner.

You do NOT want the player who is in the middle catching your ball so kick it as high as you can!

How high can you go? That's the fun that will ensue.

Before You Start

8 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: soccer ball or kick ball


The object is to keep the ball away from the player in the center - without using your hands or arms. Legs play a big part here!

It's tricky at first, but you'll get on to just using your legs after you play a few times.

The players form a circle, standing arm's length apart, while one player gets in the middle.

Kids can choose that person or one of the children can volunteer.

Play begins with one player kicking the ball into the air to another player, trying not to let the center player intercept it.

If the middle player does intercept, he trades places with the player in the circle who last kicked the ball.

The person who kicked it then receives one point.

If a player kicks the ball and it is NOT intercepted, the person to the player's left is the new kicker.


Play continues until a preset time has elapsed. The person with the lowest number of points wins.

The ball should not be thrown in the air, it must be kicked each time.

Kicks should be kept to below one foot in the air and legs should be used to pass the ball back and forth, not heads! Safety first.

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