Snatch It

Snatch It is one of the good multiplayer games for kids perfect for kids outdoor party games. It's one of the easy kid activities to learn.

A fun action-packed play idea that tests kids coordination and stamina as they race around.

When your number is called, try to get the ball and beat the other player.

Before You Start

8 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: small ball, chalk or sticks for making lines


Begin by dividing the kids up into 2 teams with an equal number of players.

Make two lines about 20 feet apart. Put the ball in the middle of the two lines.

If the two teams have an odd player out, he can act as the leader. If not, an adult can.

Each team's players line up beside each other, facing the other team.

Then each player on each team counts to receive a number - starting with one and going on down the line.

Each team will have a player with the same number.

The leader shouts out a number and the 2 players on the team with that number race to the center and try to grab the ball.

Whoever grabs it tries to run back to her team without being tagged by the other player.

If the person with the ball makes it back to her team, they get one point. If she's tagged, they get no points.


The winning team is the team who reaches 21 points.

If a child is acting as the leader, have him become a player in the next round.

Choose a player to become the new leader.

Depending on how fast each round is played, you should try and have each child be a leader.

That way everyone feels part of the larger team.

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