Slow Race

The Slow Race is a good concentration game. It's also one of the fun indoor and gym games for kids.

This is a great activity to be played in a gym with kids.

Don't go fast or you or your team will be the losers!

How's your sense of time?

You'll find out shortly!

This gives kids a good sense of how slowly or quickly time goes by.

Three minutes can feel like years to some kids while others will think it goes by much faster than it actually does.

Test your time sense as you play with your friends.

Before You Play

2 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: timer


All players line up against one wall of the gym. The leader of the activity, with a timer in his hand, stands at an opposite wall.

At, "Ready, set, GO!" the play begins.

The players are given 3 minutes in which to walk or run from one wall to the other wall.

However, this isn't a game of speed!

Players need to concentrate and try to figure out when they are getting close to 3 minutes.

If they feel the time is close, then they can make their way to the other wall, touch the wall, and they are given their time.

The End

The player who arrives the closest to 3 minutes wins.

For players or teams who make exactly 3 minutes, give them a special prize.

The leader can decide if he will accept times that go over the 3 minutes, or if he wants the winner to be the player closest to 3 minutes without going over that time.


You can play more than 1 round and vary the time. Use 4 minutes and 5 minutes as time allotments in subsequent rounds.

Or lower it to one or two minutes.

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