Sleepover Party Ideas

These sleepover party ideas offer you ideas for planning a fun slumber party for your child.

Have it on a Friday or Saturday night during the school year.

You can start the party after dinner or start it at dinner time offering supper to the kids sleeping over.

Let each child know he or she must bring a sleeping bag and pillow, unless you have enough for everyone.

Sleepover Party Ideas - Party Food

Sleepovers are all about food, so have snacks on hand for the partiers to munch on.

Pizza is a good food to serve at slumber parties. You can either order it or make your own.

If making your own, have the kids help. Be sure and offer a few varieties of pizza as kids won't like the same toppings.

Some pizza suggestions include: mushroom pizza, pepperoni pizza, veggie pizza (the more vegetables the kids like and will eat the better!), and white pizza (use mozzarella and ricotta cheeses).

Submarine sandwiches are another fun party food idea. You can order these pre-made or let each child make his or her own. Foot long subs are good if you're sure a few kids like the same meat and toppings.

Sleepover Party Ideas - Fun Party Games

After dinner, the kids can get their pajamas on. Then it's time for party activities! These indoor party ideas are only limited by the kids' imaginations.

They can play board, card and gossip games (where one child starts a message then whispers it in the ear of the next child and so on down the line. The last child to hear the message then says it out loud.)

Truth or Dare is another party favorite, depending on the ages of the kids. A question is asked and if the child who's answering doesn't want to answer it, s/he takes the dare, whatever that may be!

Another party activity is to have notebook pages for as many kids as are sleeping over.

Have the child hosting the event think up five to ten questions to ask her friends; questions s/he will also answer and ones that s/he really wants to get the scoop on from her friends!

Questions such as: "Which teacher do you think is cute?", "What girl/boy do you think is cute?", "Would you ever cheat on a test?", "Who is your least favorite teacher and why?" make for good ice breakers.

When each child has answered all the questions, gather them up, then have the host read each paper out loud. Everyone can guess who they think gave those answers.

Another fun play idea consists of each child thinking up words that describe themselves that start with the letter of their first names.

A child whose first name is Mary can say, "I'm Mary, and I'm magnificent." The next child then states her name and a word describing herself that starts with the first letter of her name.

Each child takes a turn until they can't think of any more words to describe themselves.

"I Would Not" is a fun game that can be played with the lights off (for privacy) or on. Give each child 10 pennies. Place a plastic bowl in the middle as they sit in a circle.

One child starts and says, "I would not" then names something s/he would not do. "I would not cheat on a test."

The other kids who HAVE cheated on a test put one penny in the bowl. The next child goes and states something s/he would not do. Once again, the kids who HAVE done it put one penny in the bowl.

Play continues until each child has taken a turn, or until all the pennies are in the center bowl. The kids can keep the pennies they still are holding.

Sleepover Party Ideas - DVD Time!

After the activities are over, it's movie time! Serve snack foods with the movie and let the kids stay up as late as they want.

Some good snack foods are potato chips and dip, pretzels, Doritos, corn chips, peanuts, cheese curls, popcorn, granola bars, snack mix, candy, cut up carrots and celery with veggie dip, cut up apples with caramel dip, and ice cream.

Out of the House

If funds permit, a slumber party may be held at a hotel, with the parent chaperon staying in an adjacent room.

Be sure to check with the hotel for any rules they may have regarding food, number of people in a room and any other regulations.

Sleepover parties can be fun for everyone, parents included, without involving a lot of money or time. Make it fun for the kids and fun for you as the parent/host as well.

Enjoy the sleepover party ideas!

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